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Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy and will take all reasonable measures to protect your personal information.


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Personal information” shall be defined as detailed in the Promotion of Access to Information Act 2 of 2000 (PAIA) and the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 (POPI). These may be downloaded from:  https://www.gov.za/documents/acts .


With regards to the POPI Act - 


 Pietria Hardware discloses the following reasons for the collection of personal information:


Employee remuneration; 

Management of employees including, but not limited to, training; talent management and performance reviews;

Compliance with the Basic Conditions of Employment Act 75 of 1997; the Labour Relations Act 66 of 1995; the Employment Equity Act 55 of 1998; the Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993; and (but not limited to) the Income Tax Act 89 of 1991;

Employee admission to various funds such as Pension or Medical;

Customer service provision and administration of accounts;

Conducting of certain checks as necessary such as (but not limited to) criminal, reference and credit checks;

For the provision of marketing as warranted by the customer; and

To secure, provide and/or administrate products or services to/from suppliers and other Third Parties as needed.


Pieria Hardware discloses the following regarding the storage of personal information:


Information will be stored as prescribed by the POPI Act under strict security and ONLY for as long as needed to achieve the purpose for which said information was collected.


If you decide to register as a user on the website, we may require you to provide us with personal information which includes but is not limited to –


your name and surname;

your email address;

your physical address;

your gender;

your mobile number;

your date of birth.


Should your personal information change, please inform us as soon as possible and provide us with the needed updates to your personal information in order to enable us to update your personal information on our systems.

You may choose to provide additional personal information to us, in which event you agree to provide accurate and current information, and not to impersonate or misrepresent any other person or entity or falsely state or misrepresent your affiliation with anyone.


We are entitled to use or disclose your personal information if such use or disclosure is required in order to comply with any law, subpoena or order of court served on us, or to protect and defend our rights or property. In the event of a fraudulent online activity, Pietria Hardware is entitled to disclose the relevant information for criminal investigation purposes or in line with any other legal obligation.


When you provide a review of a product, you consent to us using that review as we see fit, including but not limited to the website, in newsletters or other marketing material. The information used will include, but not be limited to, your First Name and/or Surname, as you would have provided upon registration. If you do not agree to this, please do not review any products on the website.


Whilst we will always attempt to do all things reasonably necessary to protect your rights of privacy, we cannot guarantee or accept any liability for unauthorised or unlawful disclosures of your personal information, whilst in our possession, made by third parties who are not subject to our control, unless such disclosure is as a result of our gross negligence.


If you disclose your personal information to a third party, an entity linked to the website or anyone other than Pietria Hardware, Pietria Hardware shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by you as a result of the disclosure of such information to the third party. This is because we do not regulate how that third party uses your personal information. Please always ensure you consult the third party’s privacy policy.


This website may use cookies and other tracking technology. Cookies and tracking technologies are useful for gathering information such as browser type and operating system, tracking the number of visitors to the website, and understanding how visitors use the website as well as help to customise the website to individual users and visitors.


Personal information cannot be collected by cookies but your personal information entered previously can be tied to such cookies. Aggregate cookie and tracking information may be shared with third parties provided this is lawful and in compliance with our privacy policy.


Pietria Hardware will use your personal information only for the purposes stated here and related to the effective functioning of the website and/or delivery of your purchased items and will NOT sell your details to third parties without your prior written consent. Pietria Hardware will at all times do all in our power to ensure any and all personal information is kept safe and secure as is reasonably practicable by law.

In this regard the data subject of such personal information bears the following rights:

The right to access/update any information collected or held by Pietria Hardware;

The right to request destruction and/or cessation of use/processing of such personal information upon which time the consequences of this request will be explained; and 

The right to view the totality of all personal information held by Pietria Hardware ONLY relating to the data subject responsible for the request (except in the case of a minor).


If at any stage you do not wish your information to be used by Pietria for any purpose or you would like to enquire as to what information Pietria has about you, simply mail your request here.


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Third Party Links & Liability


This website may contain links to other websites (or references to such sites) which are outside of our control, including those of our advertisers. These Terms and Conditions do not apply to those third party websites and Pietria Hardware is not responsible for the practices and/or privacy policies of those third party websites or the “cookies” they may use.


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                                                                     PIETRIA HARDWARE POPI ACT POLICY

                                                                                                              *This Policy forms part of the Privacy Policy of Pietria Hardware as found on                                 
                                                                                                                                           the website
privacy.policy in terms of the                                 
                                                                                                                          Protection of Personal Information Act, No. 4 2013 (South Africa)                                
                                                                               (reference is also made to the Promotion of Access to Information Act, No.2 of 2000 - henceforth referred to as PAIA Act)  
The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI Act or POPIA) has as its goal:  "To promote the protection of                                 
personal information processed by public and private bodies; to introduce certain conditions so as to establish                                
minimum requirements for the processing of personal information; to provide for the establishment of an                                 
Information Regulator to exercise certain powers and to perform certain duties and functions of this Act and the                                 
Promotion of Access to Information Act, 2000; to provide for the issuing of codes of conduct; to provide for the rights                                 
of persons regarding unsolicited electronic communications and automated decision making; to regulate the flow                                
of personal information across the borders of the Republic; and to provide for matters connected therewith."                                

Purpose of this policy:        The purpose of this policy is to enable Pietria Hardware to comply with the law of                         
                                              South Africa in particular the Protection of Personal Information Act, No.4 of 2013                         
                                              (henceforth known as the "POPI Act" or simply "POPIA").

        Further to this the policy will enable Pietria Hardware to protect the organisation and it's                         
        employees from a breach of information and the consequences thereof.                        
        This will in turn enable Pietria Hardware to follow good practice and ensure not only                         
        adherence to the POPI Act but also ensure the protection of all Pietria Hardware staff,                          
        clients, suppliers and other third party persons, both natural and juristic in nature.                        
Scope:        This policy applies specifically to the personal information of any natural or juristic                           
                    person, whether domiciled in South Africa or not, in terms of the POPI Act.                        
Policy Statement:        Pietria Hardware undertakes to comply to the POPI Act ensuring the retention of good                         
                                      quality information and ensuring such information is kept in the right hands.                        
                                      Further Pietria Hardware aims to ensure openness and transparency in both the                         
                                      acquisition and retention of personal information, whilst allowing as much choice as is                          
                                      practically possible over what data is held and how it is used.                        
Key Risks:       This policy will address the following identified risks -                        
                     a)  Breaching of confidentiality/security owing to information given out in an                         
                          inappropriate manner or due to unauthorised access.                        
                     b)  Insufficient clarity surrounding the collection of personal information as well as the                         
                          failure to offer choice during the collection process.                        
                     c)  The risk of harm to individuals if said data is not kept up to date.                        

The Information Officer along with the designated Deputy Officer will perform their duties as defined by the                                 
provisions of the POPI Act, Condition 1 and Chapter 5, Part B.                                
* The official appointment of these officers is annexed to this document (Appendix A).                                
An annual re-appointment and replacement review of the Information Officers will be conducted by the Head                                
of Pietria Hardware.                                
The Information Officers will ensure that all policies, actions and in-actions comply fully with the POPI Act and                                   
the enforcement thereof as well as it's integration within the Privacy Policy of Pietria Hardware.                                
Pietria Hardware thus endeavours to ensure (through the Information Officers) that personal information is                                 
complete, accurate, not misleading and updated as and when necessary.                                

              Processing Limitation             
Scope:        This aspect of the policy is defined by the provisions of the POPI Act, Condition 2                        
Processing Limitation:        Pietria Hardware will at all times aim to comply with sections 9 to 12 of Condition 2 of                         
                                               POPIA subject to stipulations and exceptions as set out by the said sections.                         
                                               The principle of "minimality" is at the core of all information collection (referring                         
                                               specifically to the processing of personal information ONLY to the extent needed ) at                         
                                               Pietria Hardware.  Pietria Hardware thus undertakes to gain written consent where                         
                                               reasonably possible.                        
                                               Pietria Hardware further recognises that personal information must be processed                         
                                               lawfully and in a reasonable manner and that the responsible party bears the burden of                         
                                               proof.  As per Section 11 of the POPI Act the data subject may also withdraw consent or                         
                                               object, on reasonable grounds, at any time to the processing or collection of personal                         
Forms of consent:       Form 1 - OBJECTION TO THE PROCESSING OF PERSONAL INFORMATION IN TERMS OF                         
                                     SECTION 11(3) OF THE PROTECTION OF PERSONAL INFORMATION ACT, 2013 (ACT NO.                        
                                     4 OF 2013) can be found in Appendix B of this document as an addition to the other                          
                                     means of objecting to the collection of personal information already implemented by                         
                                     Pietria Hardware.                        
                                     Form 2 - REQUEST FOR CORRECTION OR DELETION OF PERSONAL INFORMATION OR                         
                                     DESTROYING OR DELETION OF RECORD OF PERSONAL INFORMATION IN TERMS OF                         
                                     SECTION 24(1) OF THE PROTECTION OF PERSONAL INFORMATION ACT, 2013 (ACT NP.                        
                                     4 OF 2013) can be found in Appendix C of this document as an addition to the other                          
                                     means of deletion of personal information retained by Pietria Hardware.                        
                                     Form 4 - APPLICATION FOR THE CONSENT OF A DATA SUBJECT FOR THE PROCESSING OF                         
                                     PERSONAL INFORMATION FOR THE PURPOSE OF DIRECT MARKETING IN TERMS OF                        
                                     SECTION 69(2) OF THE PROTECTION OF PERSONAL INFORMATION ACT, 2013 (ACT NO.                        
                                     4 OF 2013) can be found in Appendix D of this document as an addition and primary guide                        
                                     to requesting the collection of personal information for direct marketing.                        
                                     Form 5 - COMPLAINT REGARDING INTERFERENCE WITH THE PROTECTION OF PERSONAL                         
                                     INFORMATION/COMPLAINT REGARDING DETERMNATION OF AN ADJUDICATOR IN                         
                                     TERMS OF SECTION 74 OF THE PROTECTION OF PERSONAL INFORMATION ACT, 2013                        
                                     (ACT NO. 4 OF 2013) can be found in Appendix E of this document as an addition to the                         
                                     measures already implemented by Pietria Hardware in this regard.                        
**Data subjects that feel Pietria Hardware is using/processing their data unlawfully, may also lodge a                                 
complaint directly to the Information Regulator with the following details:                                

The Information Regulator (South Africa)                                
SALU Building                                 
316 Thabo Sehume Street                                
Tel:   27(0)12 406 4818                                
* With regards to Direct marketing, Pietria Hardware aim to obtain consent as per Subsection 69 of Chapter 8,                                 
taking into consideration if the data subject is a customer or not and consent was obtained in the context of a                                  
sale or service for the purpose of the responsible parties' similar products or purposes, barring such consent                                  
was not previously withheld and such consent was not implicitly or explicitly obtained prior to the                                  
commencement of said section, in which case consent would be implied.                                

Should you wish to unsubscribe to all digital marketing from Pietria Hardware, please click the following mail link UNSUBSCRIBE

or contact us on 016 362 0038 and speak to Tertius or Hannes or Pieter.

              Purpose Specification                    
This aspect of the policy is defined by the provisions of the POPI Act, Condition 3, whereby Pietria Hardware                                 
undertake to fully comply in terms of processing limitation, sections 13 and 14 (Retention Periods).                                
All data is kept only for a period needed to fulfil the specific, lawful purpose for which it was collected where                                  
after that information is deleted or destroyed.                                
Due care is also taken to ensure that the data subject is aware of the purpose for which the information is                                 
collected as per section 18(4).                                

              Further Processing Limitation  

As defined by the provisions of the POPI Act, Condition 4, Pietria Hardware undertakes to comply with the                                 
POPI Act, Conditions 2 in terms of processing limitation, section 15.                                
With consideration for any further processing intention, personal information will be weighed juxtapositioned                                 
to the original intent prior to deletion or destruction.                                
              Information Quality                
Condition 5 of the POPI Act, Section 16 makes reference to quality maintenance of the personal information                                 
In these regards, Pietria Hardware undertakes to comply with all aspects such as:       Regular updating of data;    
                                                                                                                                        Accuracy of data; and     
                                                                                                                                        Secure archiving of data.    

Scope:        The scope of this aspect of the policy is defined by the provisions of the POPI Act,                         
                   Condition 6.                        
Openness:       With regards to openness and transparency, Pietria Hardware undertakes to ensure that                         
                        it is in line with Conditions 6 and 8 of the POPIA concerning the relation of purpose scope                         
                        of personal information to the Data Subject.                        
                        Pietria Hardware will thus make aware to the Data Subject that their data is being                          
                        processed, the purpose for which it is being processed, the types of disclosure that are                         
                        likely and what their rights are in this regard.                        
                        This will be done, as far as is reasonably possible, prior to the collection of data by                          
                        means of both verbal and written/digital communication to ensure maximum                           
                        compliance to the POPI Act whilst also keeping information fields to a minimum and                          
                        collecting only such data as is necessary for the purpose stated.                        
                        As per Condition 6, subsection 18(d) the data subject will also be made aware when the                         
                        supply of data is voluntary or mandatory as well as the consequences, within reason, of                        
                        failure to provide said information.  This compliance is however subject to Subsection (4)                         
                        of Condition 6 of the POPI Act.                        
              Security Safeguards                
With reference to Condition 7, Section 19 to 22 of the POPI Act concerning security safeguards, Pietria                                  
Hardware will comply to the act by initiating and enforcing the following measures:                                
    * A clean desk and clean screen policy                            
    * SLA agreement with the website developer/maintenance company                            
    * Access control on the main server                            
    * Access control via Anti-virus blocking on removable media                            
    * Access control on every computer on the premises via encrypted, traceable login                            
    * Destruction of spent data by means of shredding & then burning physical data in-house                            
    * Staff training with regards to information protection                            
Where personal information might have been compromised, Pietria Hardware will immediately, where                                  
possible, notify the Regulator as well as the data subject [subject to subsection (3)].                                
This notification will also take the form as described in Subsection (4) & (5) of Condition 7.                                

              Data Subject Participation                    
As defined by the provisions of the POPI Act, Condition 8, Sections 23 to 25, Pietria Hardware will fully comply                                 
with any and all information requests as per the POPI Act.                                
The designated Information Officer (or Deputy) will be charged with all aspects of the handling of such                                 
requests and all other aspects thereof.                                
Any refusal to access or disclosure of information will be strictly according to the applicable sections of                                 
Chapter 4 of Part 2 and Chapter 4 of Part 3 of the Promotion of Access to Information Act.                                
Procedure:  Requests for access to personal information will be handled in compliance with the POPI Act as                                 
                   well as in compliance with the Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA), as defined in the                             
                   Pietria Hardware Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions found in the following links -                             
                   privacy.policy and terms                            
    All staff are required to notify the Information Officer(s) and pass on any information that might be                            
    a subject access request.                            
    Procedures for access to personal information will be accompanied with identity verification and                             
    where the data subject is not known to the Information Officer, a verification process will be                             
    followed in accordance with the PAIA Act.                            
    Requests for information updates and deletion of personal information will be handled at no charge                             
    and requests for access to personal information will charged an access fee that is reasonable and in                             
    line with the PAIA Act.                            

              Processing of SPECIAL Personal Information                    
Scope:   The scope of this aspect of the policy is defined by the provisions of the POPI Act, Part B,                        
              Sections 26 to 33; Part C, Sections 34 and 35 as well as Chapter 6, Sections 57 to 59.                        
              As part of this policy, Pietria Hardware aims to adhere to the process of Special Personal                         
              Information which relates to the religious or philosophical beliefs, race or ethnic origin,                        
              trade union membership, political persuasion, health or sex life or biometric information                         
              of a data subject.                        
              Special Information also includes criminal behaviour relating to alleged offences or                         
              proceedings dealing with alleged offences.                        
              An age check is also instituted where deemed necessary so as to comply with the POPI                         
              Act concerning the processing of personal information of persons under the age of                         
              18 years.                        
              As per the POPI Act, specifically Chapter 6, Pietria Hardware complies in terms of                         
              adherence to the process of Prior Authorisation in terms of Section 57 to 59 for direct                         
              marketing as well as the processing and retention of personal information of entities.                        

               Staff Responsibilities and Training                    
As per Chapter 5, Part B of the POPI Act, staff have the opportunity to explore the POPI Act through trainings,                                 
meetings and induction processes.                                
Pietria Hardware have also ensured that all staff who have access to any kind of personal information, have                                 
their responsibilities clearly outlined and staff have signed acceptance and acknowledgement of the POPI Act                                 

                Policy Review                
This policy will be reviewed by the Information Officer on an annual basis, prior to the policy anniversary date                                 
and the Information Officer is also responsible for ensuring that all relevant stakeholders are consulted prior                                 
to this review process taking place so as to ensure a complete and inclusive review process of the POPI Act                                 
Policy and the General Privacy Policy of Pietria Hardware.                                
Policy Operational Date:                                   01/07/2021                    
Policy prepared by:                                           Tertius Lemmer                    
Date approved by Information Officer:            01/05/2021                    
Next policy review date:                                  01/05/2022 



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