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Shipping & Returns



Pietria Hardware offers 3 methods of goods delivery. You may choose between (except where exclusions apply):


Pietria Hardware delivery service; or

Courier Service; or



Our delivery charges are subject to change at any time, without prior notice to you, so please check back often for the most up-to-date information. You will see the applicable delivery charges upon check out.

**The option of FREE DELIVERY with purchases over R1000.00 is subject to certain terms.  These terms include, but are not limited to, bulk deliveries, dangerous/flammable products and other exclusions as        will be explained to you upon receipt of your order over R1000.00 if/as necessary.

*The option of "FREE Quick Box Deliveries" has been made available and are applicable ONLY to items (or a combination of items) that fit into a 45L Crate and delivery address must be within 10km of the shop.


Upon acceptance of your order, Pietria Hardware will deliver the goods to you as soon as reasonably possible. We will notify you if we are unable to deliver the goods during the stated delivery period and you may then, within 7 days of receiving such a notification choose whether or not to cancel your order for the goods. If you choose to cancel your order, we will reimburse you for the purchase price.


Pietria Hardware’s obligation to deliver a product to you is fulfilled when the product has been delivered to the physical address nominated by you for delivery of the order. Pietria Hardware is not responsible for any loss or unauthorised use of a product, after it has delivered the product to the physical address nominated by you.


Returns & Refunds


We want you to be happy with your purchases and if you are not completely satisfied, you can return the products to us and we will either repair / replace it, or credit your account, subject to the below terms. This policy applies to products bought from the Pietria Hardware website only.


Parts of this policy do not apply to unboxed items, reconditioned products or used products. Unboxed items are returned products that are offered for sale at discounted prices, due to damaged packaging, unsealed or missing, or the products show signs of handling and/or re-packaging.


You may return, at your own expense, unopened and sealed product/s purchased at Pietria Hardware and receive a full refund of the purchase price within 7 days of the date of purchase. You will only be eligible for a refund if the product is returned to Pietria Hardware together with the original tax invoice or a copy thereof.


  • Charges and refunds

If you return a defective product to us, but you fail to return all of the accessories and parts that were sold with that product, we are entitled to (subject to applicable law) refuse the return or only to replace the item that you did return, or to estimate the value of the missing accessories and parts and only to credit or refund you only for the returned items.


Should you wish to return a product that does not comply with this policy, you might be liable to reimburse Pietria Hardware for any collection costs we might incur due to your inability to return the product to us.


Unfortunately we do NOT return any donations.


Please note that we cannot always refund in the manner with which the product was paid for. Pietria Hardware will refund in cash (this must be done in person and not via proxy); will credit your account with the monies owed; or will do a refund via EFT (this is our preferred method as it is safer for both parties involved).

  • Bundle deals

You may return a bundled deal as a whole or any of its component products individually to us. If you qualify for a credit in respect of any component product, we will credit your account with the actual purchase price (after any applicable saving or discount) you paid for such a product.


Fixed Bundles – Your return of a fixed bundle will only be accepted if you return all of its component products to us.

  • Unwanted

You can return an unwanted product to us at no charge as long as it is undamaged and unused, with the original labels and stickers still attached.


Missing accessories/parts may void your return of the unwanted product.


Please log a return/complaint on the website within 30 days collection or delivery of the unwanted product.

After 30 days, you can only return a product if it is defective.


  • Not what was ordered

We are all human and mistakes do happen, so if we accidentally deliver the wrong product to you, please notify us as soon as possible. We will inspect the product and validate your return and should we be found to be in the wrong, we will deliver the correct product to you as soon as possible (if the correct product is available); or credit your account with the purchase price of the product (or refund you if that is your preference).


  • Product damage

Should a product be damaged or missing any parts or accessories at the time of delivery/collection, please notify us within 7 days of such delivery/collection by logging a return/complaint on the website.


We will inspect the product and validate your return and should we be found to be in the wrong, we will deliver the correct product to you as soon as possible (if the correct product is available); or credit your account with the purchase price of the product (or refund you if that is your preference).

  • Defective

We do our best to ensure that the products we provide are of the best possible quality (subject to manufacturer quality control) and in good working order and without any known defects.


A defect is a material fault of any product or any characteristic of a product that makes the product less acceptable than can be reasonably expected.


Please take note of the following that will NOT be regarded as defects and will NOT entitle you to a return:


  • All faults resulting from normal wear and tear;

  • All faults as a result of electrical surges or sea air corrosion;

  • All faults due to improper care for the product or as a result of a lack of periodic/routine maintenance;

  • All faults due to negligence, abuse or incorrect usage of the product;

  • All faults as a result of unauthorized alterations to the product;

Should you receive a product from us that you feel is defective or of inferior quality, please contact us as soon as possible and we will look into this.

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